Robert Campbell                                                                                    

Technical Animator




  • Lead Tech Animator for Grapple, Hapa Games, and Make a Wish foundation game.  Lead Motion Capture Technician for Cohort 9


  • Maya, Motion Builder, Blade, Photoshop, Flash


  • UDK, Unity, Flash


  • Python,Mel, C++



DeNA West   July 2015- Current
Technical Artist – Robotic Warrior and Blood Brothers 3

  • Created Auto Skeleton builder and Auto Rigging system for DeNA
  • Created Animation Pipeline
  • Rigged and skinned all the characters in game
  • Created tools for animators
  • Worked on all outsourced characters to make sure they fit our criteria

Idol Minds    Jan 2015 – Jun 2015
Technical Artists – Honor Adventure game

  • Created the Character Auto Rigging system
  • Constructed the Animation Pipeline
  • Rigged and skinned every character in the game
  • Created Animation tools to help Animators
  • Created Master GUI that allowed animators to select controls of any character in scene and worked on every character

Hapa Games   Aug 2013-Dec 2013
Lead Tech Animator -Ascendant

  • Collaborated with a group of 13 people to create a brawler rogue-like game
  • Constructed specialized rigs for the characters that needed specific actions
  • Created animations for the weapons and the items in game
  • Worked with the animators to get the animations into Unity so the animations looked accurate in game
  • Created scripts with our lead Tech Artists and created the Animation Pipeline

Freelance Work


Technical Animation – Grimoire                                                                                                                              Feb 2014 – May2014

  • Contracted to create the rig for the main Character

  • Built the Animation pipeline and Animation exporter for the game

University of Central Florida

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, Orlando, FL                                                                                        Aug 2012 – Dec 2013

Volunteered for Make A Wish Foundation (Child wished to be a game character)                                                    Oct 2012- Nov 2012

  • Rigged the Dragon for the game

Hapa Games- Lead Tech Animator for Ascendant                                                                                                     Aug 2013-Dec 2013

  • Worked with a group of 13 people to create Ascendant
  • Created the rigs for the game
  • Worked with the animators to get the animations into Unity

Grapple – Lead Tech Animator                                                                                                                              Dec 2012- Aug 2013

  • Worked with a group of 23 students to create Grapple
  • Constructed the rigs for all the characters in Grapple
  • Built auto rig scripts for all the characters that used Motion Capture data
  • Created scripts for the animators and implemented them to speed up the animation process
  • Ran motion capture sessions for Grapple and EscherReal and helped teach other students the mocap equipment
  • Collaborated  with the programmers to create Grapple’s Animation Tree

Electronic Arts Motion Capture Shoot

  • Student assistant at an EA shoot
  • Assisted in setting up the markers on the actors and assisted the technicians use the Blade system

Rapid Prototype Projects Artist                                                                                                                             Aug 2012-Dec 2012

-Construct 5 two week games over the course of a semester.

  • Working in 4-5 person teams where I was the only artist or worked with one other artist
  • Creating 2D and 3D art assets for Rapid Prototypes
  • Worked in Flash and Unity


Visual Language Program, Orlando, FL

Animator – Flower Story (Animated Short)                                                                                                         Aug 2010 – May2012

  • Worked with a group of 13 students to create our animated short Flower Story
  • Worked on animation and setting up the lighting for the Short
  • Animated 35 seconds and set up lighting  in 23 scenes in the short



University of Central Florida, FIEA Program, Orlando, FL                                                                                                 Dec 2013

Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy



University of Central Florida, Visual Language Program, Orlando, FL                                                                             May 2012

Center for Emerging Media Visual Language